CoolSculpting is a great non-surgical treatment for anyone with stubborn areas of fat they would like to eliminate.


CoolSculpting is the only FDA cleared fat reduction treatment using controlled cooling technology to destroy fat cells that are resistant to a healthy diet and regular exercise.

The precise cooling technology used for CoolSculpting freezes fat for good! The fat cells in your body freeze at a much higher temperature than other tissue, so these stubborn areas of fat are able to crystallize and die. Once the fat cells are frozen, your body will naturally process and eliminate them, leaving a more sculpted and tailored area.

The great thing about CoolSculpting is that it is completely customized just for you! The L-Aesthetics team will create a treatment plan specific to your areas of concern. More than one treatment may be necessary to achieve the desired results and you can expect a 20%-25% reduction per treatment. We will make sure to create a treatment plan that fits your schedule, goals, and budget.

When receiving your CoolSculpting treatment(s), it is easy to kick back and relax while getting rid of that unwanted fat! After a thorough consultation and treatment plan is developed, the device is applied to each treatment area selected, and the controlled cooling takes place. Most patients choose to watch TV, check their email, or even take a nap while they are being sculpted. Since CoolSculpting is completely non-invasive, you can typically return to your daily activities immediately after being treated.

The best part of CoolSculpting is that once the fat cells are destroyed, they are gone for good! In the first months following your treatment, you will start seeing a reduction of fat in the area CoolSculpted. This gives you long lasting results in areas you never thought would budge!

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Melissa Miller is a Master-Level CoolSculpter and leads the Body Contouring arm of L-Aesthetics and Longevity’s practice. Melissa has personally performed over 3,000 CoolSculpting treatments, and has a passion for BodySculpting that goes unmatched. From the time you meet Melissa, she begins a customized treat-to-complete assessment tailored to address your specific body shaping goals. Melissa and the entire team at L-Aesthetics is committed to helping our clients achieve desired results and become raving fans. Our team has invested in body contouring technologies that can be combined: CoolSculpting to freeze and remove unwanted fat, SculpSure to enhance those results, EmSculpt to build muscle which burns more fat and provides a sculpted and defined look, Morpheus8 to help tighten skin and improve texture. During your customized consultation be sure to share all your goals with Melissa, she and our team will develop a robust, step-by-step, treatment plan to help you look your best!