Exosomes- The Future is NOW

Picture this - the spaceship Enterprise travels throughout the universe to far reaching places exploring and communicating and changing the outcome of various situations for the better. Now picture billions of tiny nano spaceships travelling throughout the universe of your body carrying important messages, lipids, peptides, proteins, and genetic material to every cell. This is the reality of exosomes.

Exosomes are tiny nanoparticles or nano “bubbles” released from cells.

Exosomes - the future of health and wellness

They are about the size of a virus but even though they are tiny, their contents can do incredible things. Exosomes are tiny vesicles secreted by cells in order to carry important materials and messages to other cells and play significant roles in many physiological processes.

Exosomes used for regenerative and longevity purposes and carry messages and materials that can lead to decreased inflammation and increased healing.

Exosomes are a very effective way for cells to communicate with each other in the body and they send genetic material between cells. Other ways cells communicate are with hormones and nerves.

These powerful mediators (exosomes) can change the behavior of nearby cells and of cells throughout the entire body. Research shows that exosomes can cross the blood brain barrier and improve neural communication. Exosomes have been shown to boost the immune system, stimulate wound healing, facilitate tissue regeneration, and prevent infection. Exosomes may inhibit tumor growth.

Research is underway to see how exosomes may be used to combat many diseases including cancer. This is the future of medicine and the future has arrived.

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