Written by Rebecca Marroquin, L.E.

Ever wonder why that once delicious, vibrant avocado looks like it’s led a hard knock life only after 24 hours or less even?

This is what we call oxidation! Or the aging process as we can all relate to. Much like the avocado we are living organisms that are in a constant battle with free radicals.

What is a free radical you ask (because I’m sure you’ve heard it a thousand times)? This is a a very hangry molecule that if it doesn’t stay fed in a neutralized state it will create havoc, by breaking down DNA, protein, and lipids in your body. This process is escalated when oxidative stress is at hand. We can see this in our skin over time with wrinkles, sagging, brown spots, and hyperpigmentation. Much like our avocado friend. In more serious cases if the free radicals don’t stay neutralized it can lead to diseases.

Some examples of oxidative stress:

  • obesity
  • diets high in fat, sugar, and processed foods
  • exposure to radiation
  • smoking cigarettes or other tobacco products
  • alcohol consumption
  • certain medications
  • pollution
  • exposure to pesticides or industrial chemicals

So who will save us??

Never fear ANTIOXIDANTS are here!

Literally its name is “I’m against oxidation” these friends help keep our hangry free radical buddies well fed and neutralized which not only helps preserve our living organisms (body) but they also help restore and give our systems a fighting chance in this on going battle of oxidative stress! Are free radicals all bad? No of course not! When coexisting harmoniously with antioxidants they help fight off harmful pathogens(disease-causing agents). Only when free radicals become greater than the antioxidants can it cause destruction. Much like that tiger you bought after watching “Tiger King”.

So in summary, much like our beloved avocado needs lime juice(antioxidants) to slow down oxidation (aging), we need antioxidants! We can’t hide from free radicals but we can be well armed and equipped to keep them stablized and us healthy inside and out!


Some examples of antioxidants:

  • vitamin A
  • vitamin C
  • vitamin E
  • beta-carotene
  • lycopene
  • lutein
  • selenium
  • manganese
  • zeaxanthin

Which can all be found in delicious foods and supplements, and of course to aid in your skin regiment, I recommend Skin Better’s ALTO! This puppy packs an antioxidant power punch with anti-inflammatory agents to add!

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