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As we age our hormone levels can fall below optimal and cause negative effects such as lack of energy, difficulty sleeping, brain fog, anxiety or depression, weight gain, decreased muscle mass and strength, and reduced sexual desire and performance.

Studies show that optimized hormone levels can help alleviate these complaints and decrease the risk of some age-related problems such as osteoporosis, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease, among others.

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Our providers including Dr. Ledbetter and his wife, Natalie, an advanced practice nurse and doctor of Chinese medicine, as well as Brielle Kirk, PA, utilize the bioTE method of hormone optimization using pellets that introduce hormones into your bloodstream 24 hours a day for up to five months in some cases. This steady delivery of hormones allows greater symptom relief over other hormone administration methods without wide swings in blood levels.

They also look at your thyroid function, certain vitamin levels, and other lab values that give them an overall view of some of your body’s basic processes. If lab values are not within optimal range or you have symptoms that need to be addressed, you may be placed on medications or natural prescriptions such as NatureThroid or Armour Thyroid, and progesterone.

How does the process work if I might be interested in hormone optimization?

The first step is to come into one of our 4 locations and have your blood drawn so we can look at your blood chemistry, blood count, thyroid function, vitamin levels, and hormone levels. The cost for labs is $150 and this includes blood draw, lab evaluation, and a 15-minute consultation to discuss results. 

After your labs are assessed and we discuss the results with you, if you decide to have your hormone levels optimized, you will make an appointment to come in for a 30-minute visit. Here we will review the process and your labs with you, then you will have an injection into your upper buttock area where we place the pellets. You will have a dressing over the insertion site that stays in place for 3 days for females and 7 days for men. 

In 6 weeks, you will have your labs drawn once more to check your hormone levels (and vitamin and thyroid levels if these are being treated). If your labs look good and you are feeling great, for your next pellet insertion we will continue the same or similar hormone dose. After that, if you feel good and there are no changes to your health you can have your labs checked once a year. 

Over 1 million patients have experienced the bioTE bio-identical hormone optimization procedure with a high safety and satisfaction rating. Call one of our clinics today if you are ready to get your life back with bio-identical hormone replacement.


BioTE is responsible hormonal thereapy.


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