Bunny Lines 

Written by: Stephanie Borjas, NP


Ever notice those lines on the sides of your nose that become more obvious when you make a “stinky” face, laugh or smile? In the aesthetic business, we call those lines “bunny lines”. Although they have a cute name, and start out as harmless wrinkles that disappear when not making the bunny face anymore, they eventually turn into static wrinkles that could become a cosmetic issue. Bunny lines are a result of flexing the nasalis muscle. The nasalis muscle is a sphincter shaped muscle located in the nose whose purpose is to compress nasal cartilage, depressing the tip of the nose while flaring the nostrils. As we get older, our skin loses elasticity and structural support due to a decrease in elastin and collagen. The loss of this support and elasticity causes the appearance of these bunny lines to become more and more obvious as we mature. 


Botox is a minimally invasive way to help treat the appearance of bunny lines. This neurotoxin helps relax the contraction of the nasalis muscle which causes the creasing of the bunny lines. 1-4 units of botox are injected into one or multiple areas of the nasalis on each side to relax the muscles. This treatment results in limited movement of these muscles, lasts at least 3 months and is effective in smoothing out the upper nose area with minimal to no side effects. 


Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers such as our Juvederm line injected by an experienced injector can help reduce the appearance of bunny lines. The hyaluronic acid found in fillers can help maintain skin elasticity and make the nasalis muscle have a smoother contour. 



Anti-aging skincare such as the Skinmedica TNS Advanced Plus Serum growth factor serum improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles such as the bunny lines. Skinbetter’s AlphaRet Overnight Cream contains retinoids and Lactic acids that aid in skin rejuvenation by improving the appearance of bunny lines and improving overall texture. Since sun exposure is a huge factor in damaging the skin and forming more wrinkles. L-Aesthetics also carries EltaMD dermatologist recommended Zinc-based broadband sunscreens. Daily application of at least SPF 30+ is extremely beneficial for caring for your skin and preventing wrinkles especially the bunny lines! 



For a more youthful, smooth appearance where the bunny lines reside on either side of the nose, come see us at L-Aesthetics & Longevity where one of our experienced injectors and aestheticians can provide you with a consultation for the best individualized treatment option for your needs!

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