Say Goodbye to Summer, and Hello to Fall!

Fall is the perfect season for IPLs and peelsWritten By: Kelsie Matthews, L.E.


As Summer comes to an end, and cooler weather approaches (hopefully), it is time to change up the skincare routine. During the Summer, the main thing we are typically worried about here in Texas is avoiding sun damage. Once it finally starts to cool down in the Fall and Winter months, most people’s skin starts to dry out and become more irritated. When this time comes, we can start doing more corrective treatments and incorporate different skin care products to address the concerns because cool weather is corrective treatment time. Here are some of the things I like to focus on in the cooler weather months:

  • Photofacials (IPL/BBL)– These are one of the hardest treatments to do in the summertime because you have to avoid sun exposure for a couple weeks before and after the treatment, which in Texas is nearly impossible. It’s also a great treatment to get rid of any sun damage that accumulated in the prior months before the treatment. 

  • Chemical Peels– The worst combination you can have is snake skin and heat…and we all know it is HOT in Texas. If you’re someone like me who hates peeling to begin with, definitely wait until the weather cools down to do a chemical peel treatment. The peeling process is a lot more comfortable when you can avoid sweating and being out in the sun. 

  • Moisturizer– Moisture, moisture, and even more moisture…basically explains itself. In the winter time, even people with “oily skin” (like myself) tend to dry out. Which means it is the perfect time to bump up the moisture rich skin care products (my favorite is Dermal Repair from Skinmedica) that way we can protect that barrier function of the skin…A.K.A. keep the good stuff in and the bad stuff out. 

  • Laser Hair Removal– What better way to prepare for the next bikini season than with hairless legs?? Like the BBL and IPL, you have to also avoid sun exposure for a couple weeks before and after LHR, so it is almost impossible to do any visible area on the body in the summertime. Since multiple treatments are necessary anyways, I like to start a series on an area as soon as it cools down, that way by the time summer rolls around again, my skin is silky smooth and I don’t have to worry about shaving.



  • HALO– Everybody wants to look good for the holidays…one of my favorite treatments to get my skin glowing and plumped up is with the HALO treatment. This is a resurfacing laser that helps with tightening pores, smoothing out texture, and evening out the skin tone.  This is also a treatment that brings a lot of heat into the skin, so I like to save this for after the leaves start to change colors. 


Although these treatments can be done all year round (as long as you follow proper pre/post care instructions, it makes life a whole lot easier for people who love the outdoors (like me) if these more intense procedures are done in the fall/winter. That is why cool weather is corrective treatment time. Everyone’s a little different when it comes to skincare, so come visit me at one of our Austin-area locations and we can come up with a winter routine just for you!


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