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L-Aesthetics and Longevity believes in combination therapy to achieved desired results. The EVOLVE system by InMode allows us to combine three unique therapies, safe for all skin types, in one device. The EVOLVE thermal body contouring platform has multiple modalities that allow us to destroy fat, tighten skin, and tone muscle.

EVOLVE Trim – utilizes suction-coupled radio frequency heating in ultra-short pulse durations, and with high-voltage electrical pulse RF energy. The Trim applicators deliver uniform thermal effects, because of its patented vacuum suction, which allows the deepest layers of subcutaneous fat to be treated yielding a 30%-33% fat reduction of the treated area(s). Evolve Trim delivers a controlled thermal injury that damages the fat cell. The vacuum suction improves lymphatic drainage and increases the penetration depth of the radio frequency energy. Slight swelling and minimal bruising may occur and resolve within a week, or so.

EVOLVE Tite – delivers volumetric and uniform heating to the skin and sub-dermal layer of the skin, to produce painless skin tightening. This treatment can be combined with Trim and is an exceptional recipe for the treatment of unsightly cellulite. Like Trim and EVOKE, Tite harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to measure impedance and automatically adjust during the treatment itself to ensure a completely comfortable treatment session.

EVOLVE Tone – uses electro muscle stimulation to induce targeted muscle contraction. This non-invasive muscle toning treatment works by emitting electrical impulse stimulating involuntary (movement you could not replicate on your own) muscle contractions. Tone mimics the body’s own nervous system sending safe, low-frequency electrical pulses to the targeted area(s). This produces muscle contraction and increases blood circulation. Typically, the central and peripheral nervous system of the body transmits signals to our muscles, making them contract. EVOLVE Tite, however, utilizes the stimulator to achieve the same effect. Who doesn’t want to improve and/or maintain muscle tone without physical activity? Tite is a fantastic supplement to your current workout routine.

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Melissa is the absolute best when it comes to CoolSculpting! She helped me get rid of some stubborn belly fat that would not go away even with Crossfit Exercising and Keto Dieting!  Dana H. - Austin, TX

Evolve Body Contontoruing FAQ


Q: How many treatment sessions are needed?
A: Typical treatment protocol is 4-6 sessions spaced one week apart.

Q: How do I know which modality is right for me?
A: Doesn’t most everyone need all 3? Our team of highly trained and qualified treatment providers are always here to help guide you down the correct treatment path. We can discuss your goals and desired outcomes to decide what is right, one modality, two, or all three.

Q: Does it hurt?
A: No, while everyone has a different pain threshold, the AI technology utilized by Tone and Tite make it very comfortable. Tone feels similar to an aggressive workout and the treatment is very tolerable (and customizable).

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