How to Help Your Skin Bounce Back From Vacation

Written By: Kelsie Matthews, L.E.

Now that some of the COVID restrictions have been lifted, a lot more people have started to travel lately. Everyone who has flown somewhere knows what kind of impact that can have on your skin. When you start to travel to and from areas with different climates, altitudes, and just general lifestyle changes while traveling, our skin goes through the ringer.  

A few months back, I went on my first flight of my entire life. And although it wasn’t a long trip, I could still feel the effects of going to a different climate, and how being on a plane changes your skin. My skin  normally is pretty, average, and sometimes on the “oily” side. So this was the first time in my  life I really struggled with “dry” skin. Going from a warm and humid place like Texas, to dry air in the mountains, there was no oil left in my skin it felt like. In addition to the environmental changes around me, I also had all the other things that come with vacations…not hydrating properly, not sleeping enough, drinking way too much caffeine, and eating everything that is not healthy for my body or my skin. Here are some of the things I struggle with while traveling, and how I clean up the mess after:

  • Dry skin- Especially when flying, the skin usually loses all moisture. Using a heavier moisturizer like Dermal Repair Cream helps my skin stay balanced and dewy when it starts to dry out. This is a rich moisturizer that helps keep the barrier layer of your skin functioning properly, which is one of the most important things you can do when your skin experiences changes. 
  • Dehydration- While on vacation, water is typically the last thing people drink. Not only is this bad for your body, but your skin also pays the price for it. When you get back, it’s important to drink lots of water and electrolytes. This will allow your skin to rehydrate and not look as dull. 
  • Breakouts- In addition to not drinking enough water, our diet usually isn’t the best while we are on vacation either. Typically there’s a lot more sugar, fried or processed foods, and alcohol involved, which can cause our skin to purge and break out. One of the best ways to clear this up is with chemical peels. The VI Purify Peel is great for oily and acne prone skin. Something you can do at home instead, is using a retinoid. This is going to give your skin a more gentle chemical exfoliation but still help reduce breakouts. 
  • Clogged pores- Another thing that tends to decline on vacation is our skin care routine. I don’t know about yall but when I’m in vacay mode, I sometimes forget to do my 5 step skincare routine. It’s also hard to bring all of your skincare in that little clear TSA sized bag, so usually you have to consolidate your products. I’m lucky if I even wash my face twice a day while I’m traveling, so I tend to come back with some pretty clogged pores. And we all know what that means…time for a Diamond Glow! 

Although it is important to stay consistent with your skincare routine, life happens, and I would never tell someone not to enjoy their time while on vacation because they’re too worried about not being able to bring everything they typically use at home. Do the best you can while you’re away, and then let us clean your skin up when you get back. 

Happy traveling!

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