Great Customer Service

Written by: Lauren Klein, Office Coordinator “The Beauty Bee” 

What is Great Customer Service?         

The definition according to google dictionary, is ‘the assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services.’

At a Medspa, I believe your brand is defined by service excellence and not just the products you sell. Customer service is implemented to build loyalty and allow customers to have a reason to keep coming back. With that being said, customer service should be carried out in every interaction with all staff members at all times. From the first point of interaction with the receptionist and front desk support team to each provider, everyone should implement customer service from the time the patient walks in the door, to the moment they walk out. Customer engagement should be effortless and customer-first focused. 

Many medical spas have the receptionist as the first point of contact with an immediate greeting and a big smile to acknowledge them as they walk through the door. This is the best opportunity to gain a great first impression. Eye contact, personality, appearance goes along way, but there is way more beyond the surface.

Not only should the receptionist be friendly, polite, and engaging, they must also be knowledgeable about all things happening and be able to have answers to any questions they may be asked at any time. Knowledge is a big factor within customer service and if you aren’t on your toes at all times with the ability to “flip the script” you lack the promising aspects of a customer service standard.

As we move from the “front of house” to the time of service with the provider, this is the time to ensure that we don’t drop the ball on our customer service expectations. Communication is another key factor within customer service. Communicating with the provider and giving them everything they need to successfully walk into a treatment room prepared. 

At this time, it is up to the provider to continue that great customer service. While the provider has taken over, they can assure the patient, that they are in the best hands and that they will do everything they can at their best to give that patient the results and goals they are trying to achieve. Knowledge remains key with providers as they need to be able to remain calm and professional with every treatment and service provided.

While it is almost a full circle as the patient finishes treatment and gets walked back to the front for a positive check out experience, it ends back with the receptionist or front desk staff, being the first and last impression given.

It is very true that it only takes one bad experience to lose a customer. Great customer service establishes trust and makes a customer feel special and taken care of ensuring that you will maintain returning clients.

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