How is L-Aesthetic different from other Med Spas

Written by: Katharine Ehresman


How is L-Aesthetics different than other Med Spas? Well, we have the most 5 star ratings, of course. Ok, I haven’t looked at every review, but our ratings are great. And those ratings mean a lot to us because not only do we want to provide our patients with the best possible experience and service with each visit, but we know it takes time and effort to write a review, and so we thank you.

But, let’s break it down as to what makes a spa a Med, or Medical Spa? While a spa certainly will offer highly trained therapists and cosmetologist, a Med Spa must be overseen or under supervision of a medical doctor. Having been blessed with many, many years on this great earth, I have found myself at the mercy of many a Med Spa; few if any had a physician onsite. And this, my friend, is one of the many critical attributes of L-Aesthetics that sets them far apart from other Med Spas.

L-Aesthetics operates under the watchful eye of not one, but two medical professionals. Dr. Billy Ledbetter, MD and Natalie Ledbetter, CRNA,DTCM who have channeled their lifelong passion for providing total human care to everyone so that they can not only look but feel incredible. Their motto is “Let’s help everyone be their personal best!” and they strive daily to achieve that through continuing to pioneer and research, establishing industry standards. They strive to be the best and expect that of their hand selected team.

Let’s dig a bit deeper, though. Sure, you will receive expert advice and treatments for all your aesthetic needs by way of medical-grade skin care products and services, but you will be educated on how to repair damaged skin and to prevent future damage. L-Aesthetics offers a full range of services ranging from a wide range of aesthetic skin services including specialized facials and peels to a variety of injectables designed to meet all your beautifying needs. Drs. Ledbetter also strive to provide the most cutting-edge Laser and Body Contouring services to defeat every issue. Yes, even those pesky fat deposits, brown spots and less than perky jowls can be address and corrected.

But what sets L-Aesthetics leaps and bounds ahead of other Med Spas? Wellness. When you read that the goal is to treat the whole person, that is what they do. Again, I will use myself as an example. I haven’t felt right, tired, sluggish, brain fog, weight gain and needed – no – had to find answers. After consulting with Billy and Natalie we decided to run some blood tests and found out my hormone levels were painfully low and definitely out of whack. We decided upon a full regimen of BioTE Hormonal Therapy along with nutritional supplements, and vitamin B-12 injections. It was explained to me that hormones alone would help but we needed to consider my whole being. I feel better each day and know that I am on the path of a much richer and more fulfilling life. And, I know that I can also turn to them for a myriad of IV Therapy solutions and acupuncture to complete my therapy.

So, let me put the bow on this wonderful package and tell you that Dr. Billy and Natalie encourage the highest standards of their entire team and strive to put their patients first. The staff at L-Aesthetics is dedicated to making sure you are well cared for, attended to immediately and are constantly learning so that they can provide you with the very best care imaginable.

Come visit us today. You will find each of our locations to be inviting and relaxing; designed for your comfort. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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