How men can benefit from medspa treatments!

Written by: Lauren Klein

Are Med Spas for men?

Typically you think med spa’s are just for women. WRONG! Here at L Aesthetics and Longevity we would like to break that stigma and I am here to tell you why men can benefit from med spa treatments as well!

Though a lot of treatments typically appeal to women, men have started to accept the fact that they too have to maintain and upkeep their skin care in the recent years! Both men and women want to look and feel their best, especially as they notice themselves aging. Proper skin care and specific treatments tailored to both men and women have entered the spotlight!


Listen up guys! Botox and filler are NOT just for women. The truth is, you as well have fine lines and wrinkles too. Botox is the best option for smoothing moderate to severe wrinkles around the eye and forehead areas. Fillers, such Juvederm products, can help you with the volume and plumping of your skin. This treatment is quick and easy so if you are worried about the time it might take out of your day, I bet you didn’t know a quick stop into our office during your lunchbreak is all the time we need!


Skin care and facials:

You can’t complain about anything if you aren’t going to want to do anything to make the change! Here at each of our locations, we have a wide variety of skin care products that aren’t gender specific, but will target the specific concerns you have. Whether it is texture issues, breakouts, skin sagging/aging, or pigmentation concerns we can help guide you in the right direction on what might work best for you!

Taking regular care of your skin is also very helpful to keep a healthy and youthful looking appearance! We offer different types of facials which we can customize specifically to you, so the first step is to get your foot in the door!


Laser Hair Removal

Wonder why your girls aren’t haven’t to shave as much? Tired of taking the time to constantly shave not even to mention nicking yourself while doing so…If you even have hair in unwanted places, I would consider laser hair removal. This procedure uses laser to target the root of the hair which permanently damages that follicle and prevents future growth.





Are you sore from working out? Take the three minutes to sooth your muscle aches while you enjoy our cryotherapy treatment! This treatment can be done every day and has tons of health benefits with no downtime at all!



Cool Sculpting 

If you are having trouble loosing the stubborn fat in some of your body areas, please give us a call for a complementary cool sculpting consultation so you can talk with our specialist to see if this treatment would be good for you!

This non invasive, non surgical procedure freezes your fat cells which you will then will expose of naturally giving you the tightened and sculpted look you are intended to have!





Please feel free to give our office a call at (512) 505-8645 if you have any questions! I love seeing more and more guys coming in because they are aware that they also have to take care of their skin in order to keep the appearance they are wanting!



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