Invasive VS Non-Invasive Procedures

Written by: Lauren Klein, Office Coordinator

Invasive VS Non-Invasive Procedures

An invasive procedure is technically “going under the knife”. A medical procedure in which this skin is manipulated in some sort of way, typically leaving an incision or scar.
• Face lift
• Tummy tuck
• Facial/body contouring

Non-invasive procedures are those which leave the skin intact with no surgery needed. No scare, little to no downtime, and achieving the same goals you can through an invasive process. Throughout the years, these types of procedures have become more and more popular and common upon our society.
• Dermal fillers/ Botox
• Coolsculpting
• Laser resurfacing treatments

With the want for an immediate and long-lasting result, people usually tend to draw towards the pros of invasive procedures, but I am here to explain why having a non-invasive option can be a positive choice for you. Why would you choose invasive over non- invasive if a promising result is going to be the same end goal you achieve?
Here at L Aesthetics and Longevity, we choose non-invasive treatments and procedures to help you target all your concerns and needs.


Wanting a brow lift?

Have you tried Botox? Did you know Injecting Botox in the areas around your brow can give you a natural looking lift? Unit pricing is way cheaper of an option then surgically lifting the brow.


Wanting a more prominent jaw line?

Have you heard of dermal fillers? A certain type of dermal filler can enhance your jawline giving you an immediate change in your appearance. Why choose to go under the knife to make this change when you can do it more cost effectively and being able to walk out of office with no downtime at all.

Interested in a tummy tuck?

What about trying Coolsculpting? Targeting the areas of concern with freezing temperatures will leave you to expose of those fats naturally leaving you with a slimmer looking figure. A few applicators and sessions is way better than the pain and healing time you will endure if you would surgically removing the fat.

Need a facelift but your scared of the downtime and aftercare?

Have you heard about our laser treatments at L Aesthetics and Longevity? Micro needling with Radio Frequency is just one of the perfect alternatives! Lifting and tightening the skin at the same time will leave you with a younger more youthful appearance while targeting those unwanted lines and wrinkles as well!


Give us a call at one of our THREE locations if you are contemplating which treatments and procedures may be best for you! We want to help you look and feel your best. With little to no downtime in achieving all your wants and needs!


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