Lash Extensions vs Lash Lift & Tint 

Written by: Chelsea Keilian


Are you looking for a way to make your lashes look longer and fuller with added tone and depth?  Then you most certainly know that lash treatments can make a huge difference.  


What is the difference between lash extensions and a lash lift?  Lash extensions involve the bonding of individual lashes to your natural lashes with the help of an adhesive.  A lash lift involves the natural curling and perming of your lashes to make them appear longer and fuller.  

Lets talk about the pros and cons of each……


Lash Extension Pros                                                      Lash Lift Pros 

-gives a more dramatic effect                                          -absolutely natural looking 

-no need to wear mascara                                               -no need to wear mascara

                                                                                         -makes your lashes manageable with total


                                                                                         -no irritation to glue

                                                                                         – cost effective 


Lash Extension Cons                                                       Lash Lift Cons 

-become allergic to glue                                                    -lashes are too short to curl 

-hard on your lashes                                                              


-very time consuming 

-only last for 2-4 weeks

-can look clumpy if not put on correctly 


Based on my own personal experience and before I even knew a lash lift existed I tried lash extensions.  Within 6 months I became allergic to the glue; I spent hours of time laying on an estheticians table and spent over $1,000.  I was ready to accept that my lashes would never look long and full, until I not only discovered I could buy a growth serum such as Revitalash but I could in turn get my now long lashes to curl and look darker with a lash lift and tint!  No more itchy eyes, no more lengthy appts and so much money saved!  After many compliments and enjoying the ease of how to get such a ‘glam’ look, I will never look back!!  

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