My lip filler experience 

Written by: Stephanie Borjas, NP


The most common injection site for a filler from Allergan’s Juvederm line is filler injected into the lips for a prettier, more fuller or defined pout. In our medspa, we use Juvederm Ultra XC to accent our clients lips and help them reach their aesthetic goals. I remember when I got my first syringe of Juvederm Ultra XC, I was so nervous about the experience! As an injector, you’ll always find a syringe of Botox or Juvederm filler in my hand but being in the chair is a different experience. I am such a baby when it comes to needles which always makes my clients laugh because I have tattoos and inject for a living. 


Before my injection, I filled out the appropriate consent forms and was consulted by our expert injector and owner Josh Iffla. He went over my medical history, asked if I had any vaccines or dental work in the past few weeks or coming up, and answered any questions I had regarding lip filler. I was numbed with our amazing numbing cream for 20 minutes. It was so potent that by the time I was ready to be injected, I had no worries that I would feel any discomfort with the syringe. 


The great part about filler is that the hyaluronic acid filler is mixed with lidocaine so the area injected becomes numb as the product is injected and makes for a more comfortable filler experience. I barely felt a few pinches here & there and was given a vibrating tool to focus on for distraction. Juvederm Ultra XC was used to augment my lower lip & make more of a pout on my bottom lip. Josh utilized a fanning technique to bring volume towards the center of my lips and he took about 20 minutes from start to finish. He thoroughly went over post treatment instructions, telling me that Juvederm Ultra is like a moldable clay so that I was not to apply hard pressure through the use of straws for at least two weeks. I was not able to work out the next day so that increased blood circulation wouldn’t affect the healing process. I was given an ice pack and advised to ice when uncomfortable but I ended up not needing it! My lips were still numb from the medication and the lidocaine in the product for about 2 hours afterwards which felt funny when it was time to eat dinner. 


My recovery process involved mild tenderness and swelling for about 5 days. Once the swelling went down, I kind of missed it! Which is a common occurrence after getting lip filler. Since Juvederm is hyaluronic acid filler, the hyaluronic acid draws water to the product which resulted in some bumps I could feel with my tongue that went down as time went on. It’s been 3 months since I’ve gotten my lip filler and I am already ready for another syringe! I absolutely love recommending lip filler for my clients, book a consultation at L-Aesthetics with one of our experienced injectors today!! 


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