Our 4 Most Popular Medical Spa Services

Written by Karie Jones



Are you someone looking for beauty treatments to give you that extra glow and youthful appearance? If so, you’ve come to the right place! There are so many services available these days in the beauty and medspa industry, not to mention skincare products, and it can be a little overwhelming! This article will break down our 4 most popular treatments that help to mask the effects of aging and redefine your image!


  1. By far, the most popular treatment to mask and erase those pesky face wrinkles is, you guessed it… BOTOX! My guess is you’ve probably heard a thing or two about botox and if you haven’t, you are about to! 


For over 20+ years, Botox has been erasing the appearance of facial tension and the wrinkles that come with it, helping millions of people create an almost instant effect without the need for surgery. When treated, a licensed medical provider will inject the neuromuscular blocker (Botox) directly to the area of concern and within two weeks the muscles will completely relax, limiting movement and of course, wrinkles! 


The only catch is it’s a bandaid to the problem (but an amazing one) and only temporarily active for an average of 3 months which overtime can cost a pretty penny. Depending on the clinic you go to, there can be some great options for pricing as an ongoing patient and for us specifically, we offer an amazing Botox membership that will keep your wallet happy. 


Because the treatment limits movement of the muscles, it can also be considered as an effective preventative measure towards future fine lines and wrinkles. Every face is different and requires varying amounts of units to fully treat so the best thing to do when seeking this option (as well as any treatment option) is to schedule a consultation with your local provider to assess your skin!


  1. Second on our list of most popular treatments is Juvederm Fillers! Similar to botox, this is another type of injectable but with a very different effect. While Botox paralyzes movement by relaxing the muscles, fillers help with volume loss and facial structure by injecting hyaluronic acid to desired areas which over time your body will naturally metabolize. This means it’s another temporary appearance but depending on the type of filler (there are several that target different areas of concern or desire), your new look can last up to 6 months or even several years.  


The two most common enhancements sought out by our patients are Juvaderm Ultra, which plumps the lips, and Juvaderm Voluma which adds volume to the face and cheeks for a more defined cheek bone and slight lift. Our medical providers, some may call facial artists, are the best ones to recommend a specific treatment according to your needs. Other fillers that can help with fine wrinkles and a more youthful appearance around the mouth, cheeks, and lips are Juvaderm Volbella and Juvaderm Vollure. If you have more questions regarding any of these treatments, please don’t hesitate to ask!


  1. Since many of these treatments are temporary, one of the best next ways to create a lasting improvement in your skin is with monthly facial rejuvenation. The crowd favorite here is the one and only Hydrafacial! If you have not yet experienced a hydrafacial, you are missing out and should stop reading this article now to pick up the phone and get one scheduled! Hydrafacials are the perfect way to treat yourself once or twice a month to keep your skin radiating that gorgeous glow. 


We can wash our faces everyday and slap on all the products we want but nothing compares to having someone actively remove dirt and grime while locking in moisture. Not to mention the benefits you receive from having a relaxing experience while someone takes care of your beautiful self. 


All of our estheticians can also recommend other skincare treatments such as lasers or microneedling depending on the goals you have. There are many treatments that can help with pigmentation, resurfacing of the skin, and of course hydration.


  1. Our last popular beauty treatment for redefining your image is CoolSculpting! Many of us have stubborn fat despite diet and exercise. CoolSculpting offers us the perfect solution to help. 


Common areas that CoolSculpting can help with are thighs, buttocks, abdomen, back, and even chin. How it works is a CoolSculpting applicator will be applied to the area of concern for about 30 minutes. During that time, the applicator will effectively freeze the fat without harming or damaging the skin and surrounding tissues. In the weeks that follow, the body naturally processes and eliminates these dead fat cells. Once that happens, those cells are gone for good!


Results are typically seen as early as 1-3 months after treatment. Depending on your goals, it can take one or several sessions of treatments to reach the desired outcome. For those that don’t want to undergo a surgical treatment to receive a more sculpted body, contact your provider today to schedule a consultation and work up a treatment plan for CoolSculpting!


Now, although these are some of our favorite and most popular treatments for achieving the look you desire, there can still be several other treatments that may be perfect for you. Most clinics, including ours, offer complimentary consultations to be able to meet with a certified medical provider and give you the best advice in reaching your personal goals. 


We hope this helps in giving some insight into what is popular and effective in today’s med spa world. Be sure to leave comments on what your medspa experience has been like and don’t hesitate to ask any questions that we can help with!

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