Written by: Brielle Kirk, PA-C

Winter is here, meaning it is laser season! I want to review micro needling with radiofrequency so we all have an understanding of it and how it works! In particular, I will be discussing Morpheus8 since this is a popular one we use!

Morpheus8 is a fractional skin treatment with programmable penetration depth and energy delivery. The coated needles penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, coagulating the fat and contracting the connective tissue. Simultaneously, directional radiofrequency energy generates bulk sub-necrotic heat in the dermis, meaning that the heat level is almost enough to kill the skin cells. The skin and tissues are then remodeled by the body, and collagen is stimulated into production to rebuild. As a result, it improves skin texture, tone, fine lines, wrinkles, and laxity.
 We commonly use Morpheus8 to treat the face, neck, and décolleté, but it can also be used to treat the abdomen, back, thighs, legs, and buttock as well. Basically, any areas where the skin needs a lift, use Morpheus! Some results can be seen within a few days, but the most noticeable results will be seen in around 3 weeks. What’s awesome is that the benefits of collagen production and noticeable improvements in skin continue for up to 3 months after treatment! It is minimally invasive with almost no downtime, and it can be used on all skin tones! Please contact our office to schedule a consultation if interested in this procedure!

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