My Experience with Laser Resurfacing

Ok, so I am not really a vain person, but the day I turned 40, I cried. Literally.

I suddenly looked so old, or maybe I had been looking old and just didn’t notice it.

Whatever was up, I decided to fight like a girl and I wasn’t going to go down easy.

I started using a great skincare line and that helped a lot! It actually kept me pretty happy for a few years and then I started to notice lines and wrinkles and crepey eyelids. Gasp! In my effort to halt the hands of time and maybe even rewind it a bit, I tried a lot of things. I might as well share some of my experiences with you and maybe save you some money and some pain.

I wasn’t going to go down easy. All right, lets talk needles poking into your face thousands of times. Sounds fun, right? Actually it was not painful and I noticed that my skin felt tighter, more smooth, and most of the lines softened a lot. I would do it again. And again. And again.

Here is how it went down. I arrived at the medspa and the nurse applied numbing cream which sat on my face for 30 minutes. Then she had me wash my face and lie down. She ran a motorized needling pen over my skin three different times going deeper each time and kinda beat up on my frown line area because that is where most of my wrinkles were.

After the numbing wore off, I felt like I had a sunburn and was a little itchy for a few hours. The next day, I looked like I fell off my bike and scraped my face on the pavement, but was only a little sore and my skin felt tight. It took about 5 days for the deeper areas to look normal again, but it wasn’t bad and I could wear make up the next day. On a scale of one to ten on the painful/ major inconvenience scale, I would call it a 3 where Botox is a 1 and deep laser resurfacing of the eyelids was a 10!

I have not had it done in a while because I am now fast approaching 50 and I discovered Halo, but if I had not found my best friends, Halo, Scarlet, Morpheus8, and Neogen I would get microneedling done once every three to four months to keep my skin producing more collagen and remodeling what I already have.

OK, so I hope that helps just a bit. Next week I will tell about my experience with deep laser resurfacing of the eyelids!  OUCH!

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