Preparing for Your Botox or Filler Appointment like a Pro


Written by: Blaise Geyer PA-C

You’ve finally decided to pull the trigger and you’ve scheduled your Botox and/or dermal filler appointment. Yipee! But then panic sets in..what should you expect and how do you prepare for your appointment? Nerves are normal especially before your first visit, however, we want you to feel as comfortable and well-informed as possible. Here are a few tips to help alleviate your stress, make your treatment successful and minimize your recovery time. 

One Week Away 

 Your appointment is just a week away! Here are some important adjustments that you can start to make:

    • Stop taking Aspirin, ibuprofen, Advil, Aleve, or other blood thinning agents (if possible and okayed by your physician) to prevent increased bleeding and bruising during your treatment.  
    • Avoid fish oil, garlic, Ginko Biloba, and vitamin E supplements. These also increase your risk of bruising.
    • Start using topical and/or oral Arnica + K supplementation. This supplement has been shown to reduce discomfort, bruising and swelling from injectable treatments.
    • Notify our clinic if you are prone to cold sores due to risk that the injections could contribute to an outbreak. And don’t worry if this is you, we will call you in a prescription for Valtrex prior to your appointment to prevent this from happening.


Just a day

You’ve started Arnica and stopped taking Advil and now you’re just a day away from your treatment! Here’s what you can do the 24 hours before: 

  • Do not drink alcohol. Please, please, please don’t drink just for these 24 hours! We try our best not to bruise you but this can make it much more difficult. That margarita can wait for your after treatment celebration. 


Today’s the Day!

You’ve reached appointment day! We’re almost there. Before you come in to see us, here are a couple things to know:

    • If you’d like to workout that day make sure to do so in the morning. We ask you to hold off on strenuous exercise for about 24 hours after your treatment.
    • Please hydrate and eat a little something prior to your appointment. This helps to help feeling woozy and faint during your visit. 
    • If you are getting dermal filler done, know that you will be numbed topically prior to your injections to make the experience more comfortable for you.
    • The sad truth is that no matter how much you follow the rules and how experienced we are, sometimes you just bruise. I always like to remind people to please schedule your social plans for “the worse case scenario,” about 7-10 days out. 


2 Weeks to Dazzling!

You’ve done it! You finished your appointment now let the recovery begin. Hang in there. I know the Botox hasn’t kicked in yet and you may be a little bruised, swollen, and/or tender, but by two weeks you will be so thrilled with your results! 


If you’re wondering what to expect post injectable treatments, check back soon! I will be writing a post on that next. If you are wondering if Botox and/or dermal filler is right for you, call our office to schedule your free consultation. We’ll see you soon!

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