Pumpkin on my Face??

By Katie Ladner L.E.


Pumpkin is in the air.  And my facial products??

It is fall and time for ugg boots, pumpkin spiced lattes …and a pumpkin enzyme facial mask?

It seems soon as fall hits everyone is pumpkin crazy. So is the pumpkin enzyme mask just
trendy or does it really work? YES pumpkin really does work to help resurface the skin.

Why does pumpkin enzyme mask work?
Very simple, pumpkin contains AHa’s or Alpha Hydroxy. AHA’s work on the skin’s surface to help
dissolve the connective bonds that hold the dead skin cells together.  This allows the dead cells to falloff
for a more even tone and texture of your skin.

But why is pumpkin different from all the other exfoliating products?
Well most AHA’s can leave your skin possibly tender, red and stinging. Pumpkin AHA’s DO NOT! They
slowly and gently exfoliate. And BONUS: pumpkin has Vitamin A & C to help reduce inflammation
and promote your collagen growth.

So my beauties even though it may be a fall fad pumpkin is great for skincare, and for those sensitive beauties it’s a bonus.

Pumpkin on my face? Yes please!
Pumpkin facial? Yes, please!


Interested in more info on exfoliation? Click here. https://lalongevity.com/exfoliate-for-better-skin/

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