Skin Care Membership

Written by: Rebecca Marroquin, L.E.
The beauty industry is forever growing with no signs of stopping anytime soon.  With skincare leading the way, it was only a matter of time before Med-spas would look to gyms and fitness studios  for adopting membership options for clients. And why not?? You can’t really lose if you’re looking to treat current skin issues or just “skin-slay” as you age.
Here are some reasons why skin memberships are a way to go:
First, By consulting with a skincare provider first, they will recommend good quality products for your home care that will provide desired results that work best with your treatments.  This will also prevent you from wasting your hard earned money on tons of useless over the counter products you saw posted on an influencers social media.
Secondly, by committing to ongoing, routine treatments with memberships you will be saving some bucks on your skincare.  This allows the company to offer you treatments at discounted rates and some will even throw in savings on skincare products, additional perks and services for your loyalty!  Who doesn’t love that??
The more you know the better your results.  Truly knowledge is power! This might take a little investigation on your part but finding a provider that will be able to educate you during visits is key!  A good provider will get personal, and ask you a ton of questions including lifestyle habits.  Again, this is to make sure a plan of action is put together for your specific skin needs.  So, beware of places who just slap creams on your face and send you on your way without going in depth about your skin habits and making a plan.
I hear this all the time from clients.  Paying a monthly membership keeps them accountable to show up for appointments.  By doing so, increases your skin gains and gets your faster and lasting results.  As I always say “We are taking your skin to the gym.” Consistent commitment! So don’t be surprised if you skip out of a couple appointments your amazing skin provider will be reaching out.
You see your skin everyday, meaning the more you look at it the more you find problems with it.  You only see the destination not the journey.  This can discourage and blind you to some real progress happening.  Meeting with your skincare provider will help keep you grounded by documenting every visit, so that way you have confirmation on your improvements and other issues that arise can be addressed PROFESSIONALLY!
Like the muscles in your body, your skin operates the same way.  When challenged on a consistent basis with monthly Medspa visits and a solid homecare your skin becomes stronger, healthier and brighter!  Another thing I hear from my clients who take long breaks away from skincare is “I didn’t realize how good my skin looked until I stopped”  its a fact your skin functions improve when being properly trained.
After your first visit, your skincare provider will put together a “plan of action” for every visit moving forward.  This includes different treatments that will be personalized to your skin needs and goals. If a place you tried out does not do this…keep shopping!  You will also be recommended products to use at home that will maximize your results.  These two things go hand and hand.  And yes it will be an investment, but you can always add as you go.  Most spas aren’t strangers to catering both for clients who have disposable incomes to those on shoestring budgets.  Just be open and honest, this will allow your provider to adjust accordingly…and hey, we’ve all been there!
So remember, if you are in the market for a good skincare provider ask about what memberships they offer.  It will definitely one of your better investments!
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