Specials and Packages

Gift Cards Available:

Purchase Amount Free Money Total Gift Card Value
$350 $100 $450
$700 $200 $900
$1,000 $500 $1,500

*Only one gift card purchase per customer
*May purchase 2 additional as gifts
*Promotional amount expires 8/1/2021, purchase amount never expires

Save on All Pre-Purchased Fillers:

Filler Normal Price per Syringe Sale Price per Syringe
(Cheeks, Temples, Jawline, Chin)
$800 $549
(Nasolabial folds, tear troughs, lips)
$700 $489
Juvederm Ultra
(Lips, Marionette lines)
$600 $429
(The 5-year filler)
$950 $689

*Pre-purchased syringes can be used at any location and may be used on or before 8/1/2021
*Up to 8 syringes may be purchased and mix and matched

Laser/Energy Treatments on Sale

Treatment Price Normal Price
Morpheus8/Scarlet, HALO, or Neogen $799 $1,099 - $2,499

*Up to 4 may be purchased
*Morpheus8/Scarlet and Neogen may be combined in the same appointment
*Promotional value expires 8/1/2021, the purchased value never expires

Body Contouring

The Body Contouring Packages are the best prices we’ve ever offered. We utilize CoolSculpting, SculpSure, and EmSculpt to help reduce fat and build muscle. These packages are designed to utilize the BEST of those three technologies (and/or combination of) to get you the best results. We are not allowed to publish number of applicators or exactly what technologies will be utilized to achieve results. We will design the absolute best package to treat you AND if more applicators or sessions are needed the same price will be honored for anyone who purchases these packages:

Package Price Normal Price
Abdomen $1,999 $3,400 minimum
Abdomen + Flanks $2,799 $5,100 minimum
Total Package $4,999 $10,500 minimum

*Up to 3 of each package may be purchased for multiple sessions to achieve optimal results
*Package never expires

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