Five important things you need to know before having your intense pulsed light (IPL) or broadband light (BBL) treatment. 

Written by: Natalie Ledbetter

Do you have sunspots or freckles you would like to get rid of? Are you suffering from rosacea or visible blood vessels on your face or nose? Would you like your skin to become healthier and more vibrant looking? If you answered yes to any of these questions an IPL or BBL treatment (also called photo facial) might be just the treatment for you. 

In a photo facial treatment, a special device is used to send waves of intense broadband light pulsing through your skin. This special spectrum of light helps to infuse your cells with energy, target and shrink unwanted blood vessels, and heat and destroy unwanted pigment such as freckles and age spots. The spots will usually become darker after the treatment and then slough off within a week or two.

These treatments are extremely effective and safe in experienced hands, but it is important to make sure to use an experienced provider and to follow these five rules before having your photo facial treatment. 



Five Musts Before Photo Facial Treatment:

1) Avoid exposure to the sun for at least two weeks prior to your treatment. (Wear a hat and protective clothing and /or sunscreen)

2) Discuss your medications with your provider a week or two in advance in case you need to stop any of them. Certain medications can cause a severe reaction when taken prior to an IPL/BBL. 

3) Stop using any self-tanning solutions two weeks to one month before your scheduled treatment. 

4) Use sunscreen for at least two weeks on the area to be treated. 

5) Stop using your retinal products one week prior to your treatment. 




A series of photo facial treatments can do wonders for your skin. It can help even out your skin tone, decrease visible blood vessels, treat rosacea, and even soften lines and shrink pores with consistent use. 

When you are properly prepared for your procedure, you will have a safer and better experience. If you are interested in more information about intense pulsed light therapy give our office a call and schedule your free consultation.

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