This is Natalie

Written by: Dr. Natalie Ledbetter


  I have had the opportunity to meet many of you, but in case we have not had time to hang out in person at the clinic or over a cup of coffee, I thought I would share a little about myself. 

I was born in a tiny hospital just up the road in Lampasas, Texas. I never actually lived there, but my grandparents lived 20 miles outside of town near a tiny burg called Izoro my whole life, so I was lucky to get to visit. 

We moved a lot due to my Dad’s job with Brown and Root construction which took us to places as divergent as Austin, Texas; Stillwater, Oklahoma; Palacios, Texas; Columbus, Georgia, and more. Moving around so much taught me to make friends quickly and to never meet a stranger which has been helpful since I get to meet many new people every day in my role as a nurse injector, acupuncturist, nurse anesthetist, and functional medicine practitioner. 

My passions in highschool and college were medicine, science, singing, and drama. My cousins all thought I was weird because I liked to muck around with my chemistry set, collect rocks and leaves, and dissect things such as frogs and worms that my mom bought from a science supply store. Yes, I guess that was a little odd, but I still love those same things today and actually am excited to be going to a cadaver class this weekend where we get to dissect human heads in the pursuit of excellence, safety, and knowledge.

My husband Billy and I had the lead roles in Blithe Spirit at our community theater on Whidbey Island, Washington and still love to act, even though it has been years since we have had the time to participate in a play. Now in our few spare moments, we hike, study functional medicine, hang out with our three kids, and cook together. 

My current passions are learning everything I can about holistic medicine, especially women’s hormones, bodies, and wellness needs. Going through perimenopause myself, I realize the challenges women face as we age and it aint always pretty! It is my goal to help women age gracefully with health, vitality, passion, and joy! 

It may not be a passion, but I love the color purple, which you know if you have met me since my hair is almost always some shade of purple. It is a happy color and makes me feel alive. 

To prepare for a career in medicine, I went to nursing school in Galveston after my 2 years of prerequisites in college and graduated right after I turned 21. I met Billy (Dr Ledbetter) here while he was in medical school and we were married after only 6 months of dating. (When you find someone so awesome, you have to grab him up, girls.) I got my master’s degree in administration right after and taught nursing at Galveston College until I was accepted into CRNA school in Houston. 

I worked as a CRNA for 24 years and still do anesthesia one day a week for local plastic surgeons. We moved with the Navy many times and had our three precious children. We settled in the Austin area 7 years ago and started L Aesthetics and Longevity 5 years ago while we both worked full time in medicine and I got my doctorate in Chinese medicine. We were able to devote full time to the Medspa after about three years and are so happy to have grown the clinics to four in the local area so far. We love the opportunity to help people look and feel their best and are so excited that we have the opportunity everyday to serve the awesome people in the Austin area.

Our wonderful team has been building over the past few years and they each bring us joy as we work together building a group of medical aesthetic and wellness clinics that clients can trust. We are passionate about providing excellent, artistic, safe, and affordable care to everyone who wants to look great, feel great, and change the world!

I would love to meet you if I have not had the chance yet! If you are still on this earth, it is my joy to serve you in some way. 

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