Tips and Tricks To Get The Men In your Life To Use Skincare

By: Madison McDaniel


I’m sure anyone with a man in their life will know the struggle of trying to get them interested in taking care of their skin! For me personally, It drives me nuts trying to get my dad to wear SPF when he goes out everyday or telling my boyfriend to quit using bar soap on his face. Here are some tips that I’ve done to help out the men in my life, hopefully these will help someone else out too just in time for the Holidays!

  1. Place a cleanser in shower next to the body wash so he has an easy daily reminder
  2. Next to that cleanser put an exfoliator intended specifically for the face
  3. Gel Cleansers are awesome for men. They don’t leave any residue and they love having that clean feeling.(Skin Better has an awesome one named Cleansing Gel)
  4. Lightweight Moisturizers that won’t leave a greasy feel to the skin.(Skinmedica’s HA5 product is ah-mazing)
  5. SPF 30+ mixed into a Moisturizer so it’s less product to put on in the morning.

Whether it is skincare at home or coming into see us for skincare treatments, we at L Aesthetics and Longevity would be happy to educate the men who do not think skin care is for them! Everyone no matter what sex, color, or age you are should want a healthy lifestyle and skin goes right along with that! Come in for a complimentary consultation so we can take care of the men in your life!

It is a myth that skincare and facials are just for women… so lets trash that idea and get you guys in here to treat yourself too!


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