SunScreen Season is Upon Us

As Texas temperatures begin to rise, it is important to double down on diligently applying sunscreen. Wouldn’t it be great if your sunscreen doubled as an anti aging product?

SkinMedica’s Total Defense and Repair does just that! With powerful antioxidants and Infrared protection, this sunscreen works to improve sun damaged skin, as well as protect it from future damage. In daily life, outside factors such as diet, pollutants, and the sun are taking a toll on our skin. These factors attribute to skin conditions such as fine lines, inflammation and loss of firmness within the skin.

While most sunscreens on the market protect against UVA and UVB rays, many do not shield against infrared rays. This comes as a surprise because UVA and UVB rays only make up approximately 7% of the sun’s energy while infrared rays make up 54%. Additionally, infrared rays penetrate into the subcutaneous layer of the skin, the deepest layer of the skin, causing pigmentation issues and damage to vessels.

Total Defense and Repair

Total Defenses and Repair not only helps to repair previous damage caused by these powerful rays, but also prevents new issues from forming. Antioxidents derived from sources such as the algae, wild gooseberry, and knotgrass work to soothe, brighten and protect the skin against free radicals. With so many benefits, this product can’t just be called a sunscreen as it is so much more. This summer, add Total Defense and Repair to your daily routine, and enjoy protected, smooth skin!

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