What is a Medical Spa?

Written by: Brielle Kirk, PA-C


Normally when you think of going to a spa, it is for facials, massage, or potentially getting your nails/hair done. A medical spa takes it a step further. You’re still getting “pampered” so to say, but the treatments that can be performed at a medical spa are more intense and effective! Most medical spas focus on aesthetics and wellness, and certain services should only be performed by medical professionals such as physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, or a professional being supervised by a physician. These “services” are actually medical grade treatments, such as Botox, filler, laser treatments, and hair restoration. Med spas address moderate to severe beauty and health issues, whereas day spas address minor skincare concerns and maintenance, while also focusing on relaxation. You can actually SEE results from the medical services at a medical spa, but you may immediately feel the difference at a day spa due to the relaxing environment.

L-Aesthetics & Longevity is unique in the fact that we actually offer services of both a medical spa and a day spa! Not only can you receive Botox, filler, and laser treatments, but we also offer relaxing facials, chemical peels, and brow tinting. We also take it a step further by considering your health. We want you to not only look your best, but also to FEEL your best! If you are not feeling well or like yourself, we can address hormone and micronutrient imbalances through hormone replacement, supplementation, and IV therapies. Also, we offer medical grade skincare that can only be purchased by a medical facility, so we can help you with all of your skin needs! We carry ZO by Obagi, Skin Medica, Skin Better Science, and Elta MD! Not to mention, our offices have a super relaxing and chic environment, making it feel like a mini getaway during the middle of the day and putting our clients at ease. Call us to schedule a consultation for any of your needs! We would love to see you!

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