Why Choose Us? 4 Reasons that L-Aesthetics & Longevity is the Right Place for You

Written by: Blaise Geyer PA-C


Medical Spas seem to be popping up all over Texas, and Austin and the surrounding areas are no exception. Trying to choose the best Medical Spa from the immense list can be very overwhelming. While reviews online can be helpful, they come from sources that you don’t know and may vary significantly making it difficult to decide. So let’s take away the guesswork- here are 4 reasons why L-Aesthetics & Longevity is unique and is the best place for you.

1. Looking Outside the Box Means Performing Above the Rest

When researching clinics, you will start to see a pattern in services offered. While often the well-known treatment therapies they offer are often better known for a reason, we like to look outside the box at L-Aesthetics. We choose the excellent equipment and therapies we provide because they’re just that, excellent.

How would you like this before and after picture?! This is a picture of my mom pre- (shown left) and 2 weeks post- (on right) Agnes + NeoGen. This treatment was performed by our very own Josh Iffla! My mom hated the bags under her eyes, the jowling and textural issues she had started to notice so Agnes was used to treat the bags under her eyes and the heaviness at her nasolabial folds and jowls. The textural issues were then addressed with NeoGen throughout her face.

Plasma and Agnes RF are just two examples of the out-of-the-box treatments that we offer. NeoGen is a totally unique technology that converts nitrogen into plasma energy which creates rapid heating of tissue which remodels the complete skin architecture leading to incredible improvements in skin texture and laxity. Agnes on the other hand, works great as a stand alone treatment or in tandem to NeoGen or microneedling with radiofrequency. Agnes is a non-surgical, radio-frequency device that destroys eye bags and neck and jowl fat. It is also an incredible solution for cystic acne by targeting and removing the sebaceous (oil) gland that causes acne and blackheads.

These results are fantastic and we are the FIRST and ONLY Med Spa in Austin to offer these treatments! If at any time you feel like any treatment is too uncomfortable, our amazing CRNA and owner Natalie Ledbetter offers twilight sedation as well! Your treatment plan should be as unique and amazing as you.

2. We Know Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees (…Unfortunately)

At L-Aesthetics, we are all about creating a skin health treatment plan for you and we know that if we’re really going to make magic happen, consistency and choosing the right treatment modalities is key. So why not be rewarded for coming in more and getting done what you actually need? We think you should be. That’s why we create different monthly specials on products and treatments to help you to get closer to your goal for less. We also reward our frequent flyers by offering annual and monthly Botox, Skincare, and Filler memberships so enjoy the results of consistency while still being kind to your bank account.

3. We’ve Got Our Priorities Straight

Have you ever gone to a Med Spa and once your treatment was done it was like that Med Spa fell off the face of the Earth? Maybe you had questions on your post care but had trouble getting a hold of them or getting a call back. Or maybe you just felt like they were blowing you off and didn’t want to deal with it.

At L-Aesthetics, we never want you to feel like you’ve been abandoned or that your questions or concerns were not answered or deemed invalid. That’s why our staff make follow up calls to all of our Botox, filler and laser clients and are available via phone, text, email, or in clinic when needed. We also provide all of our clients with post care paperwork so you have something to refer back to once you leave.

For all of you that have what my mom refers to as CRS (Can’t Remember Sh**) Syndrome, we offer text and email reminders and confirmation calls for all appointments. So whether you have CRS, life gets a little crazy, or plans change, you have the notice you need so you can reschedule and come see us when it is more convenient for you.

4. Did We Mention We Have Multiple Locations?

I think we can all agree that traffic in Austin is a nightmare and all of us are busy with life, kids, jobs, etc. No one time to sit for hours on Mopac trying to get to our office! For that reason, we currently have 3 L-Aesthetics & Longevity locations in Bee Cave, Lakeway, and Leander with a 4th in Austin proper coming soon!

If you’re a Groupon bargain hunter and prefer going from one deal to another, that’s okay. You do you. But if you’re looking for the clinic that respects you, your hard earned time and money, and wants to be your one stop shop for all of your Aesthetic needs, come see us at any of our locations. We offer free consultations so there is absolutely nothing to lose! We are so excited to meet you and make you feel like the best version of yourself!

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