AlphaRet Overnight

Written by: Rebecca Marroquin, L.E

We all know the 3 building blocks for good skin maintenance is Retinol, Antioxidant, and SPF.  However, Retinol is one of those ingredients that can be extremely active and a real pain to get used to.  Some people find they never can get past the erythma, sensitivity, or flaking.

Fear not! Skin Betters’ AlphaRet Overnight is here! The revolutionized patented retinoid technology is able to deliver the vitamin A into the skin without causing any sensitivity.  AlphaRet packs a  multifunctional punch to deliver results and treat any skin concerns, and yet is gentle enough to use on a nightly basis.
Whats more exciting is the new addition AlphaRet Clearing Serum.  Made with BHA and calming agents it treats specifically skin prone to breakouts and excess oil production while still delivering on antiaging.  Who doesn’t love that?
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