Goodbye Brilliant Distinctions HELLO Alle

Written by: Lauren Klein 


The new ALLE program by Allergan has made it so much easier for you to receive credit on MOST services that you get from us which turns into “free money” for you to use at your next visits!

This new and improved Brilliant Distinctions app has revamped and is launched and ready for you to use!

All you need to do to merge your accounts so you don’t loose any points with this step by step easy process:

  1. Have us send you a link to register.
  2. Register yourself with your Brilliant Distinctions email and password
  3. All your Brilliant Distinction points will then merge into your ALLE account
  4. You will have access to however many points you have
  5. There is no max to be used like Brilliant Distinction so you can now use over $100 at one visit!

Where Brilliant Distinction only gave points for Allergan products and services, ALLE now tracks almost all services provided so each time you come in is an incentive for you to get points added to your account!


Please contact our offices at (512) 505-8645 if you have any questions or need help!

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