Best For:

Achieving soft and smooth skin




Treatment Time:

Under 30 minutes




Recovery Time:

Little to none



“Shave” Your Way to Luxuriously Silky Skin

Rumor has it, beauty icons Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, and none other than Cleopatra herself, all shaved their faces. While it may sound extreme, this so-called shaving of the face has many aesthetic benefits. Better known as dermaplaning in the aesthetic industry—it is an effective treatment to exfoliate dead skin cells.

How dermaplaning can smooth your complexion

An exfoliative treatment, dermaplaning is performed as a surgical scalpel is gently brushed over the face. Despite sounding somewhat disconcerting, dermaplaning is an amazingly gentle treatment when properly performed. Pulling the skin taut, we will expertly stroke the blade at a 45-degree angle to remove the top layer of dead skin.

This outermost layer is often responsible for creating a dull and lackluster complexion. In addition to brightening your skin’s appearance, dermaplaning:

  • Increases product efficacy and allows for better product penetration
  • Does not cause inflammation or disrupt the delicate pH balance of the skin
  • Creates a smoother, even surface for applying make-up more effectively

Another benefit of dermaplaning is that it removes unwanted facial hair—formally known as vellus hairs. These hairs are more commonly known as peach fuzz. By making your face appear clean and fresh, dermaplaning can often lead to the ever-sought-after dewy glow.

With dermaplaning, you will see tremendous results immediately following your treatment. With few adverse effects, you will leave our office fresh-faced and beautiful.