Is Medical Grade Skincare Worth it?

By Erin Roche

NS Advanced Serum- medical grade skincare
TNS Advanced Serum- the highest percentage of growth factors on the market

Some believe using medical-grade skin care is too time consuming and
expensive, but medical grade skincare is worth it! Unfortunately, the
real waste of time and money is using products that
will not improve your skin’s health. Unlike department/drug store products, the
VALUE of effective skin care products is a worthwhile investment.
Medical grade skin care means it’s backed by clinical studies to improve your skin’s health,
which in return, keeps our skin looking younger longer!

Where do you start? Make caring for your skin a daily habit. Don’t see it as
a chore, but as self-care like brushing your teeth. Think of your routine as
something you “get” to do rather than “have” to do. Look forward to taking the
time to pamper yourself at the beginning and end of each day. Lastly, teach teens
the importance of taking care of their skin because the earlier skin becomes a
priority, the better the results will be in the long term.

What is the ONE product that will give the best anti-aging protection?
Sunscreen! You hear providers preach about it all the time and this is why. If you
start with sunscreen now, the less damage control you’ll have to pay for in later
years! We ALL need to use UVA/UVB/HEV/IR/LED protection every day. It is
typical for patients to have more laxity, wrinkles and age spots on the left side
because of driving. UVB rays are blocked by most windows, but not the aging
UVA rays. This is why our patients rave about SkinMedica Total Defense
Sunscreen! This is the only sunscreen that truly protects you from UVA rays!

Medical grade skincare
Amazing protection!

Elegant sunscreen formulas are available to match all skin types and lifestyles.
They blend well, don’t leave a white cast and look great alone or can be worn as a
primer under makeup! Pro Tip: Grab a tinted sunscreen and use it as your

In addition to sun protection, a healthy cleansing routine is foundational.
There are products to prevent aging and protect the skin’s natural barrier. Peptides,
retinols and growth factors make noticeable differences in elasticity, wrinkles and
firmness. Have you heard about TNS Advance serum? This growth factor serum is

Even- medical grade skincare
Even does just that- it evens out skin tone

top tier when it comes to tightening fine lines and wrinkles! It’s the only growth
factor product proven to address sagging skin giving you visible results in just 2
weeks. All you need is one pump morning and night! Remember this is medical
grade skin care, so a little goes a long way.

There is no magic product that will do it all, but dramatic differences can
result from using the right products.  Medical grade skincare IS worth it!
Like beginning a fitness routine, results don’t
happen overnight, but with consistent efforts and the right tools, you’ll see
progress! At L Aesthetics and Longevity, skin care consultations are completely
free and we will take the time to listen and recommend a routine that will benefit
you! We have taken the time to find the best products of each medical grade brand
to ensure our clients get the results they desire. Swing by today, let our front desk
help you get started towards healthy, glowy skin! Finally, don’t forget to put on
your sunscreen today!


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