My skincare Routine

Written by: Lauren Klein

My Daily Skin Care Routine AM/PM

I will tell you that before I started using medical grade skincare, that I was a Sephora junky! I would buy the next “best” product out there, even if it were just for the pretty packaging, so I have tons of stuff! However, once I started experimenting with medical grade skin care from L Aesthetics and Longevity, I will never, and I promise, I will NEVER go back!

I LOVE my skincare products that I have invested in and I have seen a tremendous change in my skin, including my main concern always being texture!

My morning and night routine are very similar minus a couple things here and there.



In the morning I will cleanse my face with a gentle cleanser using my Foreo. I like to use a gentle non exfoliating cleanser every day except once a week I will use an exfoliating, deep cleanser. I was finding that I was stripping my skin because I would tend to over exfoliate. So once a week is all I needed.






After cleansing, I then use one of my absolute favorite products, which is the TNS. This serum is a dual pump product that uses a recovery complex along with APS Corrective complex. This includes antioxidants and peptides along with other key ingredients for rejuvenating the skin.



Next, I will use one pump of the Lumivive Day. This product protects your skin from pollution and blue light during the day while giving your skin a radiant finish.






After that I will use my Even Tone Correcting serum by Skin Better. This product is great for pigmentation concerns and issues. It does exactly what the product is called, while evening out your skin’s tone.







Next, I will use my HA5 by Skin Medica which I absolutely LOVE! This is one of the best hydrators I have ever used and keeps the moisture locked in all day!








Last, but definitely not least and one of my absolute go to products, is our SUPER SCREEN Total Defense and Repair SPF by Skin Medica. I have both the tinted and non tinted, but will swear by the tinted to wear instead of a full face of makeup any day! Love Love Love this product! Not only does it help blocking UV Rays, it helps with skins elasticity and firmness!

For night time, I repeat my morning routine. The only changes are after cleansing, I will use the Lumivive Night. The night time serum helps the skin repair itself overnight.

I will also add one pump of the Alpharet by Skin Better after the Even Tone and before the HA. This is a retinol that I am very fawn of because unlike others, this one does not dry out your skin at all leaving it flakey or dry.


If you are confused on what order of products to apply to your face and when, please give our offices a call to speak to any of our staff to help you determine the order in which would best fit you!

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