Spot the Difference- Lumecca IPL Photofacial

Written by: Blaise Geyer PA-C

Brown spots, red spots, Rosacea, ohh my! If you are like many and struggle with uneven skin tone, you know how challenging it is to improve this. At L Aesthetics, we have the answer — the Lumecca IPL device by InMode! 

What is IPL?

IPL, which stands for Intense Pulsed Light, is commonly referred to as a laser treatment, however, it is not a true laser. It instead works by emitting a broad spectrum of wavelengths that causes a bright flash of light that targets the browns and reds in the skin. For this reason, IPL is an excellent treatment option for age spots, freckles, superficial vessels (spider veins, telangectasias), and even Rosacea. It is commonly used to treat the face, neck, decollete, legs, hands and arms.

Why Lumecca IPL?


While there are a variety of IPL devices that exist, the Lumecca IPL is 3x more powerful than the others, making it more effective than the rest. While most devices take 4-6 treatments to produce results, results with Lumecca can be seen after just 1-2 treatments! Lumecca’s large sapphire tip allows us to cover larger treatment areas at a time and produces a strong cooling sensation to provide greater comfort during treatments too. Lastly, its high pulse repetition rate allows us to treat in less time which means you’re able to get in and back to your day quicker!

The best part of IPL?


Thankfully, sometimes great results don’t have to mean a long downtime. With Lumecca IPL, there is absolutely no downtime! Following the treatment the treated areas can feel a little burny or warm and there can be some mild redness, swelling, and darkening of the spots for a couple days as the spots come to the surface and flake off; however, those spots resolve within the week and makeup can be used to easily cover those spots immediately following treatment.  


So if you struggle with redness or brown spots, come get your free consultation at L Aesthetics to see if Lumecca is right for you and kiss those unwanted spots goodbye! You have nothing to lose but brighter, even, flawless looking skin to gain!

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