Behind The Scenes… 

By Sarah De Paula, Front Desk Coordinator 

Oh, man! What a great couple of weeks we’ve had!  As a first-timer in the aesthetics world, I can truly say I have learned a handful of information that normally wouldn’t have ever crossed my mind. I feel as if I have entered a world that has a lot more behind it than most people think, and it has been great so far. I have always wondered how a Medspa operates and now that I am a part of this team, I’m very glad I ended up at L Aesthetics.

I’ve taken the immense amount of knowledge I’ve learned over the last couple of weeks and started applying it outside of work… Yes, that skincare regimen is really that important! Our skin is the biggest organ we have, and yet, the most neglected. People don’t tend to recognize it (yes, even myself at one point) and knowledge is power. It’s time to use it! I recommend anyone who has any questions to feel free to ask, especially when it comes to wanting to find out how to take care of ourselves. Have no shame in asking (that’s something I’ve also had to learn and that’s okay).

In all, I am so thankful for L Aesthetics. I will take the knowledge I learn here every day and bring it into future endeavors and I hope anyone who has the chance to be a part of our team has the same experience!

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