Combination Treatments

Written By: Kelsie Matthews, L.E.


Although it is good to stay on a monthly routine for getting skin treatments, many people don’t realize you can do more than one in a single sitting. There are so many benefits to combining certain treatments with others. Here are some of my favorite combinations:


  • Morpheus8 + NeoGen
  • BBL + HALO
  • Hydrafacial + BBL
  • Hydrafacial + Chemical Peel
  • Dermaplaning + Hydrafacial
  • Hydrafacial + Filler
  • BBL + Morpheus8


Some of the main reasons why you would want to combine these treatments together would be to increase efficacy, prepare the skin, minimize the amount of downtime you have, save money, and see faster results. Typically when you add another treatment on to the original one, you can get the second one at a discounted price (when not using your membership or office special). It is also nice to reduce the amount of downtime from the treatments from two separate sessions into one. These are some of the specific benefits of combining the treatments listed above:

Morpheus8 + Neogen: Combining a skin tightening treatment (Morpheus8) and a resurfacing treatment (NeoGen) can boost your results tremendously. These treatments go hand in hand together because most people who are looking at tightening the skin, can also benefit from correcting the texture and tone of the skin as well. 

BBL + HALO: Since BBL is good for reducing pigmentation and discoloration in the skin, and HALO targets scarring, pigmentation, and textural issues, you really get the best of both worlds with this combined treatment. The BBL can be used more for the superficial dyschromias and larger individual spots, while the HALO will help smooth the skin and improve the overall appearance. These two treatments together can make your skin look years younger in just one session. 

Hydrafacial + BBL, Chemical Peel, Filler, etc.: While the more intense lasers and injectable treatments are great, it is never ideal to treat skin that isn’t properly prepped. Doing a deep cleansing facial such as Hydrafacial will allow all of the pores to be cleaned out, the skin will be plumped and hydrated, and the top layer will be exfoliated and free of any dead cells that might have been built up on the surface. Doing so allows whatever treatment that follows to work even better than it would have before.


BBL + Morpheus8: Since Morpheus8 is a skin tightening treatment and doesn’t directly target discoloration in the skin, removing some of the sun damage from the surface with a treatment like BBL will boost the results of the Morpheus8 and make your skin look even younger than the tightening alone by addressing almost all skin conditions. 


Having the ability to combine multiple treatments in one appointment not only saves you time in the office, but at home as well. Another great thing about it is saving some extra pocket change as well. Thanks to our staff members diverse skill set and our wide variety of services offered, our MedSpa is a one stop shop for helping you achieve all of your skin care goals!

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