Brilliant Distinctions

Written by: Mary Mireles, Front Desk Supervisor

Using Brilliant Distinctions to its Full Advantage

One of the most powerful tools we have in our office is Allergan’s rewards program, Brilliant Distinctions. This program allows for patient’s to gain points for eligible procedures and products, and then use those points towards future treatments. When used to its full capacity, this program can help patients save on treatments and maintain a proper treatment plan. If you are new to this wonderful program, there are a few steps I want to encourage you to  take to make it as seamless of a process as possible.

To begin stepping into the savings you must first enroll in the program. This can be done either before you come into the office, or one of our lovely front desk staff members can help you sign up in the office. If doing this at home, you will want to go to:
This page will walk you through entering all the information to create an account. You can also download the app, and create the account through that. If you have made the account online, you will want to be sure to download the app, as it is the easiest way to keep track of all your points as well as generate your rewards.

One of the parts I have found confuses most people is the points they gain with treatments. To begin, we must make the distinction between points and the rewards. Everytime you receive an eligible product or procedure, our office staff goes into the program and enters your points. Once the points have been entered on our side, you are then able to see on your account 48 hours later. For every 100 points you are able to activate a $10 reward. While our staff are able to view your account and tell you how many points you have, we are unable to actually activate them into a reward that you can use towards a procedure or product. This is where having the app is very valuable as you are able to quickly log into your account and activate those points.

When first logging into the app, you will want to navigate to the bottom where you will see a section labeled “Rewards”. You will then be able to see all of your points, and can manipulate how many points you will redeem by hitting the little blue arrow that is in the “redeem box”. Once you press “Redeem” you will receive a notification that says you have successfully redeemed the reward. This will then allow our office to apply the reward towards your balance.

Although you will be getting points every time you receive Allergan products/procedures, I have seen patient’s use their rewards in different ways. Some like to use their points every time they come into office to save a little at a time, while others like to save their points until they have enough to take a larger sum off of their balance. No matter what way you decide to use your points, we can guarantee you will begin to love this reward system, and will be an expert in no time!

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