SkinMedica’s Dermal Repair Cream

Written by: Rebecca Marroquin, L.E


As the scorching sweaty heat makes its way out, we welcome beautiful fall and winter temperatures.  With this many of us will experience dry, flakey, even sensitive compromised skin.  While we do have our “musts” in the skin arsenals, it is also very important to make minor tweeks by adding or dialing back on some products that may not serve us as much during different times of the year.  Thankfully as the science in the skincare industry always continues to evolve, never disappointing we now have long term solutions in products that are not only designed to provide surface relief, but also penetrate the skin layers deep enough to stimulate dermal repair and boost our own natural skins functions.  That’s exciting news!

One great product that carries this kind of power punch is Skin Medica’s very own Dermal Repair Cream. With an ultra rich texture that emulsifies and absorbs flawlessly into the skin , this multi-functional product, not only provides relief from dryness almost immediately, but is also packed with antioxidants that repair the skin on a deep cellular level and fatty acids that rebuild and strengthen the dermal layer and barrier mantel.  Also contains hyaluronic acid(HA) this ingredient holds water up to 1000x its own weight, also helps boost the skin’s own natural production of HA. Dermal Repair Cream can be used 1-2x a day depending on how dry the skin is feeling and because of how active the ingredients are formulated less than a pea size will go a very long way!  So show your skin some winter love and pick some up today!
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