DiamondGlow: Everything You Need To Know

Looking for a quick, efficient, non-intrusive treatment that’s customizable and delivers radiant results? DiamondGlow might be the right treatment for you! It is the ideal way to rejuvenate your skin before a special event because there is no downtime.

How does DiamondGlow work?

DiamondGlow’s glowing effects are not caused by chemical exfoliation. Instead, it physically exfoliates the skin with a diamond tip that looks like sandpaper. Because it is applied to wet skin, it is referred to as a hydra-dermabrasion treatment. Since there is no chemical exfoliation involved, it is safe for sensitive skin and does not require any significant preparation or changes to your routine, such as avoiding retinol products before the treatment.

Not everyone responds well to DiamondGlow. Instead, it addresses your skin’s issues with one of five corrective SkinMedica serums and is extremely adaptable. The brightening serum contains a blend that has been patented to revive dull skin, while HA5 is a hyaluronic acid base that enhances your glow and deeply hydrates the skin. Due to its salicylic acid base, the clarifying serum is ideal for oily or breakout-prone skin. The DiamondGlow treatment concludes with a smoothing tip in the filled with hyaluronic acid to inject moisture into the skin, regardless of the serum your aesthetician uses.


What to expect during the treatment?

Although it may come as a surprise, a DiamondGlow Facial treatment typically only lasts thirty minutes. Because it is a non-invasive procedure, you might feel a little bit of discomfort, but you shouldn’t feel any pain. With only a little redness, you can also resume your normal daily activities following your facial. The first time you have a DiamondGlow Facial, you will also notice results right away. Your skin will appear plumper and brighter as a result. You might also notice that your face is firmer and smoother, giving the impression that you are younger and more vibrant. The treatment’s continued effectiveness for the next six to twelve weeks is an additional benefit. 



The treatment may cause the skin to become irritated.  Following treatment, light flaking may occasionally occur.  Remove flaking by not picking, scratching, or scrubbing. Scrubbing or picking the skin can cause irritation and problems. Also, always follow the instructions for the post-care treatments. As long as the skin is not irritated, tretinoin, glycolic acid, and salicylic acid products can be used again seven days after the peel.


With the help of DiamondGlow, here at L-Aesthetics & Longevity, we can help you improve the overall health of your skin and correct common skin concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles, skin laxity, dull skin tone, rough texture, hyperpigmentation, sun spots and sun damage, and enlarged pores. Check it out here to learn more about DiamondGlow. Remember, this is not only a skin treatment but a skin transformation. 

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