Lets Talk Diet

Written by: Katie Ladner, L.E


So lets talk about our diets. I personally have always been a big advocate of no dairy, no gluten and minimal processed foods and refined sugars because what you put in your mouth with show on your face and body! We all have to remember our skin is out biggest organ and when our bodies are tired of receiving foods and beverages that don’t agree with us it will manifest and various different types of skin conditions.

Dairy is one of the biggest causes of acne. Why you ask??? Dairy is full of hormones, even the organic kind baby cakes. Dairy is produced by a cow for the baby calf to grow. Whey and casein are two proteins produced by the momma cow in her milk to give the babies the nutrition they need to get big and strong. When our bodies start breaking down and digesting the whey and casein it triggers a response in our body that mimics insulin resulting break outs. These hormones in the milk also cause a reaction in our bodies which can confuse our endocrine system and cause break outs too. So people put down the cheese and grab an apple. I know for myself when I am off the dairy I have less inflammation in my body less bloat and brain fog. Seriously do we really need milk products, when we have amazing alternatives these days.

I always suggest when getting off of dairy to quite for at least a month and start taking probiotics. Now comes the topical. Once you have made the commitment of no dairy then its time to start working on the blemish control products such as Skin Better clearing serum or complexion pads by ZO Skin Health. These products now will be able to treat the skin instead of being a bandaid.

So there you have it folks avoid dairy & processed food like its covid. Lets clean up our diets so our bodies can function better through these interesting times. Taking care of our internal health will keep us at our optimum health to help our inner health and outer beauty.

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