Different Hats for Different Days

Written By: Madison McDaniel


From my first job in this industry as a Front Desk in a Resort Spa, I knew that this was gonna be my field. Growing up I loved being pretty, having my hair done, I was the ultimate girly girl. When I started getting older and joined the drill team It was all about your makeup, and the sparkles. We all helped each other get ready and I think that’s when I realized that I also loved making other people feel pretty too. 


When I got started at the Resort Spa as a front desk I started really listening to the estheticians that worked there explain products and procedures. I saw how relaxed people came out after being in their room and how glowy their skin looked. I wanted to be a part of making people feel that way too. Now after having gone through Esti school and starting to  work as an Esthetician and an Office Coordinator I really get to see both sides of the coin. When you’re on the business side of things, it’s about the big picture, you’re scheduling, helping providers, problem solving and moving things around to make all the puzzle pieces of your day connect perfectly. Slowly you start recognizing your regular patients and it’s an awesome feeling to know that when they talk to you and recognize you they trust your gonna help them to the best of your ability.


When you’re an esthetician, it’s more of an intimate client experience. You spend about 30 minutes to an hour with one person in a room sometimes not even speaking and just helping them unwind from whatever it is that’s gone wrong in their day. Other times Its like your best friends with the person you’re working on and the longer you see them and hear about their lives it’s really about a relationship that’s been built. Every person’s skin is also like solving a brand new problem, this product goes to this and this product is for this and no two peoples skin is the same. Both jobs are fulfilling in their own way and are based on the same traits that I feel is what makes me happy in these roles. 


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