Written by: Melissa Miller



Build muscle and tone your body without strenuous exercise or resorting to surgery. In as little as four 30-minute treatments, you can be on your way to seeing tone muscle in areas like your abdomen or buttocksEmSculpt feels like an intense workout, no pain required for this gain. Each session is the equivalent of 20,000 sit-ups or squats by involuntary contractions by BTL’s electromagnetic stimulation technology. With no downtime or anesthesia required, EmSculpt is the perfect lunchtime treatment. EmSculpt has no side effects other than a little post-workout soreness 



 Coolsculpting Elite


The number one fat reduction procedure in the world, Coolsculpting Elite is FDA cleared to treat 9 areas on the body including the abdomen, outer thighs, and arms. With no downtime, you are able to get back in the gym right away, helping those dead fat cells move along and out of the body as you sweat the days away. Bring your computer and work during your treatment, or relax and sleep, this treatment is that easy. Results can show up as early as 4 weeks with full results at 3-4 months. Now is the perfect time to get your Coolsculpting Elite treatment if you want your results by this summer! 



 Laser Hair Removal


It’s about to be summer and what better way to get summer ready than to have laser hair removal (LHR) on your legs, arms, or other body parts. Imagine not having to shave when you get that last minute call to meet at Lake Travis. Once the sun is out and we are at the lake, it is too late to do LHR because you cannot have any sun exposure on the area that we are treating. We have packages for treatments since multiple sessions are required.  


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