Written by: Melissa Miller



What is Evolve Tite?

Evolve Tite delivers an innovative hands free aesthetic solution to remodel your skin. It is a quick and easy treatment that can be done over lunch time and is conducted in the comfort of a treatment room. Treatment areas include abdomen, flank, arms and thighs.

How does Evolve Tite work?

Evolve Tite leverages clinically proven bipolar radio frequency (RF) technology to remodel skin and improve its appearance. The 8 hands free applicators deliver uniform consistent bulk heating to remodel the skin’s subdermal layer.

What can I expect during the treatment?

Most clients find Evolve Tite treatments comfortable. During your procedure you can expect a warming of your skin similar to a hot stone massage. As the radio frequency penetrates the dermal layers, patients typically notice a reduction in the folds of the skin. 

Are Evolve treatments safe?

Evolve is a safe and effective treatment that delivers exceptional results. During treatments, the body’s temperature is constantly monitored, with real time updates, monitering the skin’s temperature at any time along the procedure.

Evolve’s hands free design and programmable technology make it an ideal social distancing treatment due to the significant reduction in patient-physician face to face contact during the procedure. It is designed with a patient call button so you can easily pause your treatment at any time and have clinic staff make adjustments to ensure your comfort.

How many sessions are recommended?

Your practitioner will recommend the optimal number of sessions to be performed based on your personal objectives. Treatments times and frequency will be specifically tailored to obtain the optimal results. The end result is a tighter, toned appearance. You will begin to see gradual improvements in the treatment area following the first few sessions.


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