My Favorite Products, A Series: Part One

Written by: Blaise Geyer PA-C

If you have upgraded your skincare products from over the counter to medical grade, you know that there are still an overwhelming number of options. Part of our job at L-Aesthetics is to take the confusion out of finding the best products for you, however, sometimes it’s nice to hear about the products that make us go “Wow!” This blog series will focus on my top picks in skincare starting with the first and most important step, cleansing!

Scrub a Dub


When starting and ending my day, I reach for 1 of 2 cleansers: SkinMedica AHA/BHA or ZO Gentle Cleanser. I like to alternate between the two depending on if I am in need of some exfoliation (AHA/BHA) or my skin needs a little TLC (Gentle Cleanser). Frankly, often my technique has just been to have one in the shower full time and one as my cleanser that lives underneath my sink to use in the evening. So let’s discuss the products more in detail.


SkinMedica AHA/BHA

AHA/BHA is a gentle, exfoliating cleanser that is safe for all skin types and works to improve skin texture, tone and brightness. This product derives its name from its active ingredients: AHA (alpha-hydroxy acids) and BHA (beta-hydroxy acid). Lactic, glycolic, citric and malic acids (the AHAs), salicylic acid (the BHA), as well as round jojoba spheres all work together to gently exfoliate and improve the appearance of wrinkles and skin texture. Due to the AHAs, your skin may become more sun sensitive. This cleanser is mild enough to use twice daily, however, if your skin does become a little irritated, make sure to take a break from the product for a couple days and/or alternate between this and ZO Gentle Cleanser. 


ZO Skin Health Gentle Cleanser


Although I love AHA/BHA, if I was stranded on a desert island, ZO Gentle Cleanser is the cleanser I would choose. This product is like the Goldilocks of cleansers! It is great for all skin types, doubles as a makeup remover, cleans deep to remove oil and impurities, promotes hydration, and leaves the skin feeling refreshed, clean and hydrated. We can thank these key ingredients for the result: 


  1. Sodium lauroyl oat amino acids: Revives the skin barrier and cleanses without causing dryness
  2. Glycerin: Replenishes hydration
  3. Botanical extract blend: Provides antioxidant and anti-irritant properties to help protect skin from the daily exposure to the harmful effects of our environment 


If you’re the type that likes smelly good stuff, the last bonus to this product is that it smells like a delicious grapefruit! I’m telling you, you can’t go wrong with this stuff!


Now, your skin is as clean as a whistle. This helps prevent clogged pores, promotes exfoliation and sets the stage so that the other wonderful products in our skincare routine can be absorbed better to achieve better results. Stay tuned for the next step in my daily skincare routine and other product fav!






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