Winter Is Actually Here

Written by: Lauren Klein


It is amazing to me that we are already heading into the Winter months! I know for myself this is the season for dry and “flaky” skin. So what treatments, products, and at home regimens would be good for you during this time?


Now is the best time to get those more invasive laser treatments and procedures done! Because we are more covered up and out of the sun here are some great option for you!

Neogen Plasma- With the use of high energized plasma we penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin to replace damaged collagen to encourage new growth to occur. This treatment helps with fine lines, wrinkles. pigmentation, scarring, elasticity, over all texture of the skin, and so much more! The downtime for this procedure can vary but typically we see a week of really aggressive downtime. Patients should expect to peel significantly for several days-weeks after the treatment, but the results are SPECTACULAR!




Chemical Peel– Since we are already in the shedding season for our skin, why not use a chemical peel to target concerns including sun damage, melasma, pigmentation, and texture of the skin. This peeling process may very for everyone. Some people peel during the 3rd-5th day where others tend to not notice any peeling at all, which is absolutely normal!



Morpheus8/Scarlet- One of my absolute favorite treatments! This laser treatment is used to resurface and help the complete overall texture of your skin as well as firms and tightens, giving you the appearance of a lift. I would recommend a series of 3 treatments to get the full and lasting affect! Little downtime with redness and swelling, but then back to your normal activities shortly after!




Dermal Repair Cream– This product is one of the newest on our shelves and a great MUST HAVE for the upcoming months to lock in moisture!



HA5- This product helps hydrate the skin at the same times helps plump and activates your own Hyaluronic Acid.



Please keep in mind that you still need to do “your homework” once we send you home from your treatments. To help get the best result for your skin we suggest you do what is recommended at home as well as coming in for your treatments on a regular basis. Weather it is your very own customizable skin care regimen we provide we tips and tricks we give you to include in your diet, all of this is knowledge we give you to help optimize your results!


You can always tag our social media accounts with your best at home skincare regimen! We would love to see what your doing outside of seeing us in office!

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