What are some regional variations on Christmas food classics?

Written by: Melissa Miller


All around the world, people celebrate in different ways, eating di fferent foods that reflect different cultures and traditions, and the United States is no exception. In each state, people eat different foods at their Christmas feasts based on traditional favorite dishes and what is the freshest around the Christmas season. Here are a few favorites around the states.


Alabama-Green Bean Casserole


A staple at Thanksgiving AND Christmas, this holiday side is a classic on any table and sure to be on everyone’s plate.



Deer have been a popular food source for hunters and their families, and people in Kentucky love to hunt. Venison stays fresh for a long time and can be used in a variety of ways. 

Louisiana- Gumbo

Would any kind of Creole Christmas be complete without it? No matter what you put in your gumbo—though most star shrimp or sausage in theirs—it’s sure to be a Christmas hit.


Chowder is a staple in New England cuisine all year round. With different types of fresh fish and clams available all year long. After a few bowls on this yummy soup, you may need a round or two of Coolsculpti

ng to help get rid of some of those fat cells.

Maryland: Crab Cakes


It doesn’t matter what type of year it is, Maryland is known for its succule

nt crabs and delicious crab cakes. Enjoy a crab-filled Christmas dish this holiday!





Montana-Prime Rib

Here in the land of beef, at the center of many Christmas feasts sits one tasty delight where the name truly says it all — Prime Rib. In all corners of Montana, a prime rib roast will be the crown jewel of many a holiday table.

Nebraska: Mashed Potatoes

A holiday and year

-round classic, this Christmas dish is buttery, smooth, and creamy, and can come in a variety of different types to spice up the classic

New Hampshire- Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkins are a fall item and more often connotated with Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas.

s. However, this delicious, not-too-sweet nor too-savory-to-be-a-dessert can be a Christmas dish just as much as any other type of pie! 

Oklahoma-Cinnamon Roll

Whether they’re 

served right when the whole family wakes up or if they come out right around dessert time, there’s a reason Oklahoma cinnamon rolls are so famous.

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