Toxins: What You Don’t Know

Have you ever wondered about the number of industrial chemicals you encounter daily? On average, men ingest around 70, while women absorb a staggering 141 chemicals each day in the United States. It’s a revelation that prompts us to delve deeper into the concerning data surrounding our exposure to these substances. The Alarming Reality Over

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Making A Change

Written by: Lauren Klein    It is wild that we are already at the end of the 4th month of 2021! Time sure does fly when you’re having fun!! But it is never too late to jump back on your “New Years resolution” or start something new for yourself. Here I am listing a few

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Platysmal Bands 

Written by: Stephanie Borjas, NP The world of beauty focuses on skincare for the face and oftentimes neglects skincare for the neck. The neck has the ability to give away someone’s age even if they’re taking great care of their face. The aging neck brings a loss in muscle tone and skin laxity that can

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12 Things You Can do to Slow Down the Signs of Skin Aging, Part One

Written by: Natalie Ledbetter   Avoid Repetitive Facial Expressions.  Are you in the habit of making certain facial expressions? Do you tend to squint when you are in the sun or trying to read? Are you easily frustrated or a worrier? Do you furrow your brows when you are concentrating?  Bam! Here come those dreaded

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Apple Cider Vinegar

Written by: Stephanie Marie Borjas, FNP-C Apple cider vinegar has been a popular pantry staple garnering attention in the world of beauty. Apple cider vinegar is twice fermented apples. When fermented once, it is apple cider, but fermented twice leads to the ever so popular apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar can be found in

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What are some regional variations on Christmas food classics?

Written by: Melissa Miller   All around the world, people celebrate in different ways, eating di fferent foods that reflect different cultures and traditions, and the United States is no exception. In each state, people eat different foods at their Christmas feasts based on traditional favorite dishes and what is the freshest around the Christmas season.

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Written by: Rebecca Marroquin, L.E   Rosacea is a long-lasting (chronic) skin disease that affects the face, primarily the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. The signs and symptoms of rosacea vary, and they may come and go or change over time. There are three main types of rosacea, categorized by their primary signs and symptoms. Erythematotelangiectatic rosacea causes skin redness and

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What is glycolic acid?

Written by: Kelsie Matthews, L.E   Glycolic acid is a commonly used alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) derived from sugarcane. It is a colorless, odorless chemical exfoliant that dissolves dead skin cells. It does this by breaking the bonds between the cells, which makes it a lot easier for the dead skin to slough off or

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Deep Ablative Laser Resurfacing

Correcting saggy skin, wrinkles, and eye-bags used to require surgury. Face surgery is costly, dangerous, and sometimes ineffective. Thanks to recent technological advancements, however, tightening the saggy spots on your face and other areas can be done with modern lasers above the skin. No more surgeries! In fact, reducing skin laxity is a pretty fast

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