Essential Oils and Why I love them!

Written by: Katie Lander, L.E

I have been using essential oils for 20 years. Why did I start??? The lady that trained me used them and told me how fabulous they were but with out an explanation, so I went with it. It took me another 10 years to actually start investigating and learning about essential oils. To be honest one of my lovely clients started selling Young Living and she said “hey girl you use and recommend essential oils why don’t you join the biz with me.” I thought well I am not going to do the biz but I will buy the oils and get a discount. Boy was I so wrong! (THIS IS NOT A SALES PITCH FOR YL!) So with that being said I bought a starter kit and started learning and playing. We all know lavender is calming and eucalyptus helps clear the sinuses, etc. But what did they actually do? When I sat down and started googling different types of oils and what the are good for, my eyes had been opened. Opened up to endless possibilities for myself and my clients.

I started mixing up concoctions for my treatments. I made these amazing “ cure all oils”. They consisted of a carrier oils and a blend of essential oils depending on the skin condition. I thought about how many ways I can used these amazing little bottles of joy. Today depending on clients skin type and environmental condition I use oils in almost all of my treatments from the facial water bowl, hot towels, massage and waxing just to name a few.

But seriously there’s so many different ways essential oils can help and not just in aromatherapy, but for psyche and other skin conditions and ailments. I use my lavender cure all blend for sensitive skin and eczema. Lets take Lavender for instance, emotionally it helps promote a sense of well-being but did you know it uses are:

analgesic, anticoagulant, anti convulsive, antidepressant, anit-fungal, antihistamine, noninfectious, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, antiseptic, antispasmodic, anti toxic, regenerative and sedative.

Holy cow right??? And this is one oil. Just think there are thousands out there. This made my body tingle with happiness. Now my career just changed from an esthetician recommending products (how I was taught) to actually helping heal my clients, and not just give them a band-aid. I truly found my path.

Today I recommend my essentials oils and made this a huge part of my life. I can’t stress enough to do your own research on brands. There are very few out there that you can ingest like YL. I was lucky enough to have come in contact with my client to help educate me why you can’t just ingest store bought oils. Many of those “store bought oils” or not 100% pure and have other toxic additives if ingested. Make sure the company you choose has specific guidelines and follow strict practices on how the oils are harvested and distilled. You may pay more for these oils but it well worth your health.

I believe in the healing properties of plants and herbs and incorporate them into my daily life with my family. At home we take The YL supplements & Standard Process supplements everyday. I have diffusers in every room of my house to diffuse different oils depending on the room. I clean with essential oils because they are proven just as effective in sanitizing as the chemical counter parts. I use them in my kids bath to calm them down at night. I can go on for hours so I will save you. My goal is that if you take away anything from the little read is that I have encourage or peaked your interest in trying out oils for yourself.

If you have any questions on oils please feel free to contact me at: [email protected]

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