Making A Change

Written by: Lauren Klein 


It is wild that we are already at the end of the 4th month of 2021! Time sure does fly when you’re having fun!! But it is never too late to jump back on your “New Years resolution” or start something new for yourself. Here I am listing a few trends I am going to follow for the remainder of the year, feel free to join with me!


  • Sanitizing– Since this is our new normal and we should always be sanitizing our hands anyways, I have decided to switch from a regular sanitizer and purchased a moisturizing sanitizer! The one specifically that I use is from Nordstrom Rack and it is called Antibacterial Sanitizing Hand Lotion by JULEP. It kills 99% of germs at the same time has a clean scent to it and leaves your hands feeling smooth and not so dried out. I love it, and highly recommend for $6!

  • Screen Time Sign Off– Nothing has changed for myself personally as I am constantly looking at my phone or on it for something. I have done this more and more since the beginning of quarantine as we all wondered what else is there to really do? However I am continuously coming across negative content and things I do not want to truly invest my time in. I think a healthy balance of screen time is something I am going to try and signing off earlier than usual and stopping my horrible habit of always looking at my phone to make sure it is on me at all times… truly, I probably do not even need it!

  • Infrared Pods- They are available at work so why not use it?! Infrared has so many key benefits like: circulation, relief of sore muscles, relaxation, weight loss, and more! Check out the Cocoon Infrared Pod at our Leander location off N. Lakeline Blvd. and Crystal Falls! There are two available at all times so feel free to bring a friend and enjoy 15-30 minutes of “you time” together!


  • Bed Time- I am the worse at going to bed at a regular “normal” hour. I am finding myself waking up tired or realizing I did not get the appropriate amount of sleep during the night. So I am vowing to myself from here on out to GO TO BED! Due to being at work from 9-5 I always try to catch up on things at home that usually comes to an end way too late. I am deciding to not worry about the things that can be taken care of later, and utilizing an actual suitable bed time. Now of course that means lay in bed, watch a little TV, and then snooze, but hopefully this makes my day to day a little more easier for myself!





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