Toxins: What You Don’t Know (Part 2)

Have you ever found yourself or someone you know experiencing discomfort after consuming bread and pasta in the United States, only to feel perfectly fine when indulging in the same foods in Europe? This common occurrence often leads individuals to believe they are gluten-sensitive, but the reality might be linked to a sensitivity to toxins.

Understanding the Discrepancy

Let’s delve deeper into this phenomenon and craft actionable steps that empower you to enjoy a diverse diet while feeling and looking incredible. The key lies in understanding the source of the difference between American and European foods.

Pesticides and Toxins

In Europe, 67 pesticides are deemed illegal and banned from use. Astonishingly, the same 67 pesticides are completely permissible in the United States. These toxic substances, proven to induce inflammation and compromise mental and physical health, are present in the food consumed here.

Eye-Opening Statistics

In 2018, a study highlighted a stark contrast in pesticide use between America and Europe. Due to the allowance of these 67 pesticides in the U.S., we spray an excess of 300 million tons of toxic pesticides annually compared to Europe. That equates to approximately one million extra tons of pesticides per person – a staggering revelation with profound implications for our health.

The Impact on Health

It’s no surprise that the predicted lifetime cancer incidence is expected to rise from 34 to 50% in just one year. The gravity of the toxin situation is indeed serious and requires our attention.

Protective Measures

To safeguard yourself and your family, consider these immediate steps:

1. Purchase organic fruits and vegetables, and opt for grains certified to be glyphosate-free. Even organic grains may be contaminated with glyphosate, so choose wisely to reduce toxin intake.

2. Explore detox supplements by joining our live class on November 9th at 7 pm Central via Zoom. Be empowered to make informed choices and simplify your detox journey.

3. Enhance your well-being by installing a filtered shower head. Often overlooked, this step minimizes exposure to toxins in water, improving both your respiratory health and skin. Check the toxicity of your water by entering your zip code at this link.

Additional Opportunities

For those with amalgam fillings, an exciting opportunity awaits. You can transform your mind and body in just one week at a discounted rate. Secure your spot now by clicking on the link.


In times of change and chaos, prioritizing self-care becomes paramount. By taking action and making informed choices, we not only navigate the future with peace and clarity but also set an example for our families and friends. Together, let’s thrive and create a healthier, toxin-free environment for everyone.

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