Toxins: What You Don’t Know (Part 3)

In our ongoing exploration of health and well-being, I hope you’ve had a chance to delve into the resource on water quality shared in our recent communication. Today, I bring forth a specific data point, particularly relevant if you find yourself in Austin, shedding light on the concerning presence of bromochloroacetic acid in the water, a chemical known for its cancer-causing effects. Astonishingly, Austin has recorded 239 times more of this chemical than the established safe levels.

Environmental Hazards

Recall the impactful movie “Erin Brockovich,” which brought attention to the cancer-causing chemical chromium hexavalent. In Austin’s water, this chemical surpasses safe levels by 8.7 times. A total of 24 chemicals are detected, with 12 exceeding safety thresholds. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we collectively take action to mitigate our exposure to these toxins.

The Growing Issue

The urgency arises not only from the increasing presence of toxins in our bodies but also due to the compromise of our liver—the primary organ responsible for detoxification. Recent studies highlight the detrimental impact of long-term mercury exposure on liver tissues, reducing its ability to effectively detoxify our bodies.

Understanding Mercury’s Effects

Before we delve into practical solutions, let’s gain clarity on the effects of mercury. Mercury predominantly affects the nervous system, contributing to a surge in anxiety, attention deficit symptoms, brain fog, and, as discussed in a previous installment, a predicted doubling of Alzheimer’s every 20 years. When the nervous system is compromised, these symptoms extend beyond the individual, impacting everyone in their sphere.

Taking Action

Now equipped with this clarity, let’s embark on actionable steps:

Step 1: Reduce Your Intake
If you consume fish, refer to this Wikipedia link listing mercury content in various fish species. Limit your consumption of tuna and the top five species to twice a month at most.

Step 2: Remove Amalgam Fillings
Consider removing amalgam fillings—an abundant source of mercury. We’ve streamlined this process for you by vetting a qualified dentist and partnering with a doctor to create an effective program. Click here to take a significant step toward a lifetime benefit.

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